Deep Down We’re All #Basic

Hello old friends, it’s been a while once again. These last few months have been great! I’ve met some amazing people and gone to fantastic places. I’ve also come to the realisation that I’m #basic. I used to make fun of #basics but now I’ve become one. You know when I realised this? When I spent 20 minutes at Trevi fountain in Rome yelling at people to get out of my shot and making my friend take photos on both our phones and my camera. It’s only gotten worse now; I went for lunch with the girls. THE GIRLS. As soon as our drinks came we decided on who had the best hands to pour our drinks, who had the best angle and who was in best position to take a boomerang. Instantly we all uploaded similar images onto snapchat, Instagram, Instagram story and checked in on Facebook. #basic. So below I will list a few things I have done and sometimes still do and if you’ve done at least one of these I’m sorry honey but you’re #basic too. Just accept who you are and own it! 

  • Owning a graphic T-Shirt with pictures of a band you’ve never listened to just because you look cute wearing it as a dress matched with a pair or superstars or vans.
  • Taking 100 selfies and editing your favourites in a different app then uploading to Instagram because the insta filters just don’t cut it anymore.
  • Making sure you take photos when you’re out with the girls because if you didn’t take photos did you even really go?
  • Obsessing over Love Island and wondering what you’re going to do at 9pm every night when its over.
  • Using the neon pen on your Instagram story because is super cute but not as cute as your selfie you just posted.
  • Taking photos on the Missguided store and posting it all over your snapchat. Lets face it, the store opening has changed all of our lives. Who doesn’t love a store that’s all pink and holographic?
  • Going on holiday and pre-planning outfits you’ll wear to take specific photos to post on your social media.
  • #ad. When companies approach you via Instagram and send you products for you to promote to your followers.
  • Going crazy over the new Starbucks unicorn drink then feeling heartbroken as they don’t make it in the UK.
  • You either own a real or fake Lumee case.
  • Telling people you hate the Kardashians but you follow all of them on Instagram and snapchat and you’re secretly dying for Kims new contour line.
  • Being proud of yourself for knowing every line of Mean Girls and yelling “You go Glen Coco!” just in time with the movie.
  • When Zac Efron is bae, has always been bae and WILL always be bae.
  • Taking photos of your over decorated healthy breakfast full of grains and fruit.
  • Owning either fluffy heels or fluffy sliders or those little fluffy unnecessary pompom things girls have dangling off their bags.
  • Making sure you stick to a clear theme on your Instagram… for example having mostly white in your photos because it makes your dash look clean… I do this. I obsess over this. I have a problem.
  • Having either a pinterest or tumblr full of inspirational quotes you occasionally post on Instagram.
  • You love brunch. You tweet about brunch. You Instagram your brunch. You snap your brunch. You check in at where you’re having brunch. Brunch gives you life. Bring on that Avo Salad.
  • You are known to upload Instagram photos with snapchat filters on.. the deer.. the dog.. the famous butterfly crown. We’ve all been there.


Peace out my fellow basics,

Arda xx