New Year. Same You.

Happy new year and welcome to another addition of Ardas rants. This is going to be the most hypocritical post ever as one of my resolutions this year was to get back into blogging. Lets see how long this lasts. I give it about two months.

Every December I hear people talking about ‘New Year New Me!’ and discussing with others their resolutions for January and how bad they’ve been recently with dealing with life. So below I will list a few resolutions I have heard others make and give you my opinion on them.

  • Gym Life. You know those people that haven’t been to the gym since last February and say that they will start again in January. These are the people that will sign up to a monthly direct debit gym, go for two weeks, but still keep the membership running till about April when they realise no matter how many times they say “I’ll go tomorrow” they just wont.


  • Veg Out. These are you new healthy eaters. Through out December they will literally stuff everything that is edible into their mouths and straight after their meal they will decide “Yep, cant wait to start eating healthy in January”. This healthy eating usually last till they get their first whiff of Chinese food and persuade themselves that Chinese food has some veg in it ergo it must be healthy. Its a downward spiral from there.


  • Dry January. For all my low key alcoholics out there; I feel ya. It starts off okay because you’re actually sick of drinking and being hungover then someone suggests going out after work and dry January turns into dry gin. you lasted 10 days or so. #stillcounts.


  • Me, Myself and I…Till you see a cutie smile at you on the train and spend the night obsessing over this unknown person that you’ve fallen in love with who you will probably never see again.


  • Every Little Counts. When you decided to start actually saving money because you’re so skint from Christmas but this all goes out the window when you come across your favourite store that has a massive January sale going on. You convince yourself that you didn’t receive enough presents over Christmas and they you NEED to treat yourself. You NEED all the items under £5 in the sale and you don’t care that it all adds up to a price you cant afford right now.


  • Positive Vibes. This usually works up until your first day back at work about 2pm just after lunch when you realise you’ve already broken major resolutions buy having a stir-fry for lunch with a side of dry gin at the pub.


  • Stop Smoking. I really don’t need to elaborate on this. We all know this one never lasts.


Arda x


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