Deep Down We’re All #Basic

Hello old friends, it’s been a while once again. These last few months have been great! I’ve met some amazing people and gone to fantastic places. I’ve also come to the realisation that I’m #basic. I used to make fun of #basics but now I’ve become one. You know when I realised this? When I spent 20 minutes at Trevi fountain in Rome yelling at people to get out of my shot and making my friend take photos on both our phones and my camera. It’s only gotten worse now; I went for lunch with the girls. THE GIRLS. As soon as our drinks came we decided on who had the best hands to pour our drinks, who had the best angle and who was in best position to take a boomerang. Instantly we all uploaded similar images onto snapchat, Instagram, Instagram story and checked in on Facebook. #basic. So below I will list a few things I have done and sometimes still do and if you’ve done at least one of these I’m sorry honey but you’re #basic too. Just accept who you are and own it! 

  • Owning a graphic T-Shirt with pictures of a band you’ve never listened to just because you look cute wearing it as a dress matched with a pair or superstars or vans.
  • Taking 100 selfies and editing your favourites in a different app then uploading to Instagram because the insta filters just don’t cut it anymore.
  • Making sure you take photos when you’re out with the girls because if you didn’t take photos did you even really go?
  • Obsessing over Love Island and wondering what you’re going to do at 9pm every night when its over.
  • Using the neon pen on your Instagram story because is super cute but not as cute as your selfie you just posted.
  • Taking photos on the Missguided store and posting it all over your snapchat. Lets face it, the store opening has changed all of our lives. Who doesn’t love a store that’s all pink and holographic?
  • Going on holiday and pre-planning outfits you’ll wear to take specific photos to post on your social media.
  • #ad. When companies approach you via Instagram and send you products for you to promote to your followers.
  • Going crazy over the new Starbucks unicorn drink then feeling heartbroken as they don’t make it in the UK.
  • You either own a real or fake Lumee case.
  • Telling people you hate the Kardashians but you follow all of them on Instagram and snapchat and you’re secretly dying for Kims new contour line.
  • Being proud of yourself for knowing every line of Mean Girls and yelling “You go Glen Coco!” just in time with the movie.
  • When Zac Efron is bae, has always been bae and WILL always be bae.
  • Taking photos of your over decorated healthy breakfast full of grains and fruit.
  • Owning either fluffy heels or fluffy sliders or those little fluffy unnecessary pompom things girls have dangling off their bags.
  • Making sure you stick to a clear theme on your Instagram… for example having mostly white in your photos because it makes your dash look clean… I do this. I obsess over this. I have a problem.
  • Having either a pinterest or tumblr full of inspirational quotes you occasionally post on Instagram.
  • You love brunch. You tweet about brunch. You Instagram your brunch. You snap your brunch. You check in at where you’re having brunch. Brunch gives you life. Bring on that Avo Salad.
  • You are known to upload Instagram photos with snapchat filters on.. the deer.. the dog.. the famous butterfly crown. We’ve all been there.


Peace out my fellow basics,

Arda xx


New Year. Same You.

Happy new year and welcome to another addition of Ardas rants. This is going to be the most hypocritical post ever as one of my resolutions this year was to get back into blogging. Lets see how long this lasts. I give it about two months.

Every December I hear people talking about ‘New Year New Me!’ and discussing with others their resolutions for January and how bad they’ve been recently with dealing with life. So below I will list a few resolutions I have heard others make and give you my opinion on them.

  • Gym Life. You know those people that haven’t been to the gym since last February and say that they will start again in January. These are the people that will sign up to a monthly direct debit gym, go for two weeks, but still keep the membership running till about April when they realise no matter how many times they say “I’ll go tomorrow” they just wont.


  • Veg Out. These are you new healthy eaters. Through out December they will literally stuff everything that is edible into their mouths and straight after their meal they will decide “Yep, cant wait to start eating healthy in January”. This healthy eating usually last till they get their first whiff of Chinese food and persuade themselves that Chinese food has some veg in it ergo it must be healthy. Its a downward spiral from there.


  • Dry January. For all my low key alcoholics out there; I feel ya. It starts off okay because you’re actually sick of drinking and being hungover then someone suggests going out after work and dry January turns into dry gin. you lasted 10 days or so. #stillcounts.


  • Me, Myself and I…Till you see a cutie smile at you on the train and spend the night obsessing over this unknown person that you’ve fallen in love with who you will probably never see again.


  • Every Little Counts. When you decided to start actually saving money because you’re so skint from Christmas but this all goes out the window when you come across your favourite store that has a massive January sale going on. You convince yourself that you didn’t receive enough presents over Christmas and they you NEED to treat yourself. You NEED all the items under £5 in the sale and you don’t care that it all adds up to a price you cant afford right now.


  • Positive Vibes. This usually works up until your first day back at work about 2pm just after lunch when you realise you’ve already broken major resolutions buy having a stir-fry for lunch with a side of dry gin at the pub.


  • Stop Smoking. I really don’t need to elaborate on this. We all know this one never lasts.


Arda x

Adult Life: Things we should’ve been warned about

The day that you finally finish education all your worries go away and you feel so free and happy… until… you wake up the next day and think “What now?” You dont know what to do with yourself. If you lived away for uni you move out of your student house and get hit with the hard reality of adult life. A few months later you start to look at the real adults around you and wonder how on earth they do it. How do the not die from stress? how do they have time to go and do things? How do they not want to kill themselves when another bill arrives? Or even how the hell do that keep a poker face about it all??? So for this post I have decided to list a few things I think we should have all been warned about before being thrown into adult life.


  1. Water bill. This is apparently a thing; a pretty expensive thing depending on where you live. I always went about my life thinking there were only gas, electric and phone bills. I was clearly living in my own little happy bubble when I would take hour long showers and leave taps running.
  2. Work commute. Pre adult life you get so used to going to your little retail or restaurant job doing shift work and always wish you just had a proper 9-5 job. No hun, you don’t. A 30 minute journey turns into a 1h30min journey. You’re stuffed into a bus or train filled with other sweaty 9-5ers and on top of that it even costs more to travel at those times!
  3. Everyone is serious. All the time. You just end up so fed up always being faced with new adult life things that you can no longer take a joke. You’re just super stressed all the time.
  4. Comfy shoes. Noone tells you that that woman on the train you used to see on the way to school with really ugly shoes didn’t actually chose to wear those. She had to. Comfy shoes for some reason are always so ugly and if you’re commuting to and from work its best to just put up with the ugliness because you never know if you’ll be sat down for your journey or stood up the whole time and if you’re running late you’re going to have to run to work.
  5. No energy. Back at uni you could go out 5 nights of the week and still be fine but now you go out once or stay up passed 12am and you’re literally dead for the next two days.
  6. No friends. You don’t really realise how hard it is to actually meet people. fair enough you’ll have uni mates and work friends but other than that how on earth do you make friends? It not like at school when you go up to someone and be all “Hey I like your pencil case, lets be friends” If you did that now you would see that other person run. run fast.
  7. Holidays. You only typically have about 20-25 days of holiday from work and it may seem like nothing but you cherish it so much! its not like being at uno for three months then having a month of  three times a year. You need to make those 25 days count!
  8. Food. Its not actually acceptable to wake up and have last nights kebab or pizza for breakfast anymore. During student life you would have been so chuffed to find half a pizza still in the box and you would think to yourself “Thank you last nights Arda for not finishing this” But its not acceptable. You need to start eating fresh cooked food and healthy things. After all, our bodies are actually giving up on us now.
  9. Council tax. This is when you truly realise you are no longer a student and you have entered adult life. I don’t really need to explain this its just a sad expensive fact.
  10. Everyone else. You soon realise that all the people around you are either getting engaged or married or having kids and you’re still at home trying to connect to the downstairs cafes wifi to watch Netfilx.

Things that annoy be about airports

It’s been a while since I’ve had a little rant about things that annoy me and seen as its holiday season it’s only fair that I complain a little bit about things (mainly people) that annoy me at the airport.
1) The Overpackers. These are the people that have at least two suitcases and hand luggage and a hand bag. Why? What’s the need? They just hold up the line for everyone else trying to check in and even if you’ve checked in earlier they are the people at the bag drop saying “Oh have I exceeded the limit? I hadn’t noticed” Sorry Hun but you had noticed when you were packing your whole wardrobe into one case.
2) Glam Queens. The girls that are overly  dressed just to step into a plane. It’ll be a 7am flight and they would have a full face of make up on, a brand new never before worn outfit, a sunhat, heels and let’s not forget the sunglasses that will be worn indoors even though they’re not needed.
3) Liquidholics. These are the people that hold you up when you’re going through security. The people that don’t know what 100ml looks like. The people that think they could get away with smuggling water and make a fuss when they’re asked to throw it away.
4) Sales Assistants. I don’t know what it is but sales assistants at the airport really bug me. It’s like the purposely don’t want to be helpful because they hate that you’re going on vacation and they’re not even though they go to the airport every day. As soon as I walk into a store I can tell the sales assistant wants me to just leave. I mean I know she knows I’m not actually going to buy a £3000 bag at that moment but maybe I want to pretend I’m rich and all she can do is play along with that fantasy.
5) Early Birds. These are the people who stand in line at the gate before it’s even opened. Or the people that go up to the gate holding a seat ticket for let’s say 3C when they’re only boarding seats 24-36. Chill out Hun we’re all getting on the plane like it’s not going anywhere. They won’t forget you.
6) Pillow Hoarders. They’re normally the early birds. That’s why they want to get on the plane first, so they can take all the pillows for themselves. I hate them. Nuff said.
7) The Phone Addicts. No matter how many times these people are warned they still don’t turn their phones on. They can’t get it into their head that even if they put their phone on airplane mode during lift off and landing IT STILL EFFECTS THE PLANE! Especially when people turn the phones on as soon as we land and call people. I understand that you want to update people on your survival but there are going to be others that board the plane after you. Why can’t you wait three more minutes till you’re out of the plane to update your Facebook?
8) The Safety Announcements. This is when the hostess steps to the front and positions herself to mime out the safety instructions. You can tell in her face that she’s been waiting for this moment. It’s her time to shine. Everyone on the plane will recognize her when she does walk around a later. Like Hun no-ones watching you and no-ones going to remember your dance moves as we crash.
9) Drama Queens. I understand that some please are actually scared to fly or actually get panic attacks but there are always a few over dramatic women on planes that have “panic attacks” when they’re not say by the window or when they don’t have a sore seat next to them. I always come across these people. On my most recent flight I was sat next to two of them. They first argued about who would get the window seat. Then complained about how small leg room they have and about twenty minutes after lift off they simultaneously had these so called panic attacks when nothing was even wrong with them. They didn’t want water or the paper bag or even to walk about to calm down. Just wanted the drama. This was the longest flight of my life. Even after we landed they were yelling and complaining about the flight so I just turned to them and said the only words I said to the through out the whole flight “yeah but did you die?”
10) Luggage Hide’n’Seek. I hate this part. I personally think it’s the worst part of traveling. You know you’ve reached your destination, you’re so close yet you can’t leave. You have to wait for your 12 bags you checked in before. And for some reason my bags are always the last ones to come out! I’m just stood there getting jealous rages about people that have collected their bags. Especially if they have more bags than me.

Why I’m Always Angry When I Get Off Public Transport.

Okay I know my last post was a list of things I hate about retail and I’m sorry but this post is also going to be a list of things that really get my blood boiling and I know it may be hard to believe now but I am actually a nice and happy person usually. Just sometimes things happen that make you rethink about your faith in humanity. Most of this thinking happens when I’m on the bus or train just people watching. The smallest things tend to bug you when you’re bored and your phones dead so you cant listen to music.

– When people have an empty seat next to them and they’re sat on the aisle side but wont move along a seat even though they can see your hands are full of bags and you’re in no state to jump over them on a moving bus.

– The lady that tells you all the stops on the train. Yes I understand that its helpful but when you’re on a train from one end going to the other end of the line and there’s about 2745 stops you don’t need to hear every single stop the train will stop at each of its stops. Most of the people on that train take it every day. They know the stops and if you don’t there are maps on the walls of the train and an electronic sign telling you the rest of the stops.

– Youths. The loud rude ones that have just gotten out of school and find it fun to scream at each other on the bus whilst digging into their box of chips and laughing their heads off at something that isn’t even remotely funny.

– The beeping noise that happens on the bus as the doors shut. Why? Whats the need? We’ve already gotten a headache from the youths yelling and stomping about upstairs, we’re on our way home from work, we’re tired, we don’t need this high pitch noise.

– When people realize they’re on the wrong train and have a panic attack and act as though the next stop is Tombouctou. THEY STOP EVERY TWO MINUTES AND YOU CAN GO ACROSS TO THE OPPOSITE PLATFORM AND GO BACK!

– People that still try to pay cash on London buses and say that had no idea it was only Oyster cards and Contactless cards that they could use. How is that even possible its been like that got ages now! Now if its a tourist it doesn’t bug me as much but when you can tell its an actual Londoner you just look at them like “really?!”.

– When you’re finally out of traffic but the bus driver pulls up to the side and tells everyone he will wait there for a few minutes for a change in driver. Surely that could have been done as we sat in traffic for the last half hour. I understand it wont exactly be safe but it would mean that we wont be stuck in traffic again.

– People that I assume forget their headphones at home and decide to listen to their music out loud and have a little rave on their own.

– The little kid that stares at you. You know which one I mean. We’ve all had this happen to us probably more than once.

– Tourists that ask you if they’re on the right train even though the beautiful robotic voice of the woman telling you each stop has just said the station they want to get off at. Like, honey I have my earphones in, that means I don’t want to help.

– On the overground when people ask you for money. Please, I just want to travel without feeling guilty for not having change on me.

Arda xx

10 Things I Hate About Retail

Okay so I’ve been working in retail for what feels like an eternity and I know similar posts have been made about this subject before but I just want to tell you the reasons why I hate working in retail and hopefully some of you will agree with me. Before I started working in retail I was a nice person, I liked meeting new people and I liked to have a chat with strangers. This has all changed now, I now have no patience for anyone and even if someone in the store just looks at me I will smile back but a little fire of rage starts up inside me for no reason what so ever, I mean this person who has just smiled at me could be the nicest person in the world just out shopping but I will just instantly start to hate them, I mean its nothing personal. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually horrible to customers, I will smile and help you and joke around with you but inside I will be dying. Anyway, without further ado here are some reasons why working in retail is the bane of my life…

1- The Jokers. When an item of clothing doesn’t have a tag on so the customer says to you “Oh! It must be free!” No. If you just give me two seconds to do my job I will type down the code and the price will appear. The first few times I heard this so called joke I laughed along with the customer but after you start to hear it atleast 6 or 7 times a day you just start to stare at the customer like are you done yet?

2- Student Discounts. Every day I will come across a customer that asks for a student discount but will have no proof what so ever that they are a student. Or worse, they will show me their oyster card and inform me that they have used it as ID in our store before which is not true.

3- The Sale Freaks. Walking into the sale section to tidy up is like walking into the lions cage in the zoo wearing a dress made of meat. Those sale freaks do not care if you are there to tidy, to them you are a waste of space, you are in their way. On boxing day this year I actually got scratched by one of these sale freaks because she just wanted a jumper so badly.

4- Faulty Police. In my opinion this is the worst type of customer. They will come to the till with an item of clothing that most of the time doesn’t even anything wrong with it and demand a discount because there is a loose thread. Its even more annoying when they bring an item from the sale section which has already been reduced to £3 and ask for a discount because a button is missing. HONEY ITS £3 BECAUSE THE BUTTON IS MISSING!

5- Browsers. You know who I mean, the customers that come into the fitting room with ten items of clothing and will not buy any of them and to make things worse they will return all the clothes to you detached from the hangers and inside out. You literally get given a ball of clothes with a few hangers sticking out of it.

6- The Indecisive. These types of customers can be spotted all around the store. When they’re on the shop floor you can spot them by following all the misplaced items, if they’re in the fitting room they will most likely be next to the sales assistant holding out each item of clothing and starring at it for long moments, if they are at the till they are the ones that give you an item separate to the ones they will buy and say to you that they have changed their mind on that one but half way through the transaction they will say “actually I’ll leave that one and take the one I gave you at the start”. I don’t understand this, no-one is rushing you to make a decision, no-one is holding a gun to your head saying “GO TO THE TILLS NOW”.

7- The Rude Ones. When you spend a good 20 minutes with a customer helping them pick out an outfit or when they come to the tills and you go find them another colour or size and you shower them in customer service and they just walk away without saying thank you. After customers like this I tend to go to the staff room and have a drink of water to calm down my anger.

8- Tornadoes. These are the customers that will literally ruin the store, when they leave the store will look like it was hit by a tornado. Half the clothes will be on the floor and you’ll have broken items and there’s nothing you can do about it apart clean up after them and hope another tornado doesn’t appear half way through you tidying.

9- The Stingy. When customers act shocked that we charge 5p for bags. Its been the law since October, are you telling me you haven’t shopped since October? Then the proceed by having a go at you saying they don’t want to spend 5p on a bag and why should they have to pay. Maybe because its the law? I mean there’s nothing I can do about it, if you don’t wanna pay then you get no bag and you have to carry those thongs you just got in your hand.

10- Sneaks. The ones that manage to sneak into the store 5 minutes before you close and you have to wait for them to leave but they take their sweet time and when you inform that you are closed they tell you they didn’t realize. They didn’t realize the whole store was empty and the doors are shut and there is no music playing.

If you read this and thought “Oh, Ive done that before” please please please don’t do it again! And if you’re currently looking for a job in retail think twice before you apply.

Arda x